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How can About Inclusion help me to achieve my goals?

We actively promote diversity in our community and provide support for people with a disability. Our support team help people with a disability to flourish, leading richer lives through a connected, strengthened and all-inclusive community that is prepared for a sustainable effective future.

This involves us working with families and our support staff to meet your needs in a flexible, fully supported way.

How does About Inclusion support me with community activities?

We develop social enterprises within the local and business community, as well as with service providers and community organisations to help participants to have a meaningful role in the community. Our support staff help connect participants with their passions and interests, which may provide seasonal work or short term paid work.

These activities help participants feel a part of the community and feel empowered by responsibility and involvement.

How does About Inclusion help me to meet people of similar age or interests?

We offer participation in existing local leisure and recreational opportunities, where participants can come together to share their ideas.

Will I be able to work for some of the week?

About Inclusion will work with you to develop a unique plan for you. This may include a blend of support, as well as catering to your desire to work, volunteer or pursue other community interests.

How many support hours does About Inclusion provide for me each week?

About Inclusion adheres to ADHC program guidelines to meet required output hours as follows:

Life choices and active ageing - 18 hours of support per week

Community participation (moderate and high support needs) - 24 hours of support per week

Community participation (very high support needs) - 30 hours of support per week

We understand in some instances, support hours may need to be more flexible and this will be included in the individual plan.

Does About Inclusion provide me with any equipment that I may need?

Participants who require equipment or minor building modifications and technology can make a submission to ADHC. For fund guidelines, please visit the ADHC website.

Does About Inclusion help me with my personal care needs?

Yes, we work closely with you to create a plan and identify support staff who are familiar to you, or are of your choosing.

Are the support staff of About Inclusion trained?

Are the support staff of About Inclusion trained? All staff are skilled and experienced. We require (at a minimum) entry level qualifications in first aid and disability support. All staff have also undergone background checks and have current Working With Children clearance. Some staff also have specific qualifications, such as PEG feeding and the majority of staff have more than 5 years of engagement with About Inclusion.

Since 2010, staff have undergone training in person centredness and individualised support. We also have staff with specific training for individual needs in collaboration with families and appropriate professional advisers.

Do participants need to pay fees?

Additional expenses may be incurred for one-off events, such as event tickets or when going out for meals. Additional applicable fees will be charged on a cost-recovery basis when accessing venues or public facilities.

Daily fees are structured to be affordable and applied equitably, and in accordance with our fees policy. We negotiate fees depending on your individual plan to suit your budget, taking into account your funding and support plan.

Does About Inclusion provide transport for me?

Where possible, we utilise mainstream transport options. Individual transport options will be negotiated where necessary.

How are complaints handled?

Should you be unhappy with the support provided, you may make a complaint with About Inclusion. All complaints are handled in accordance with the About Inclusion Managing Complaints Policy and Procedure. A copy of this policy is available on request.